Have you ever thought about where you’ll turn for a gentler approach to looking younger if you are not interested in getting laser skin resurfacing and cosmetic surgery? One natural way of revitalizing and renewing your skin is the microneedling facial. It is a relatively new aesthetic treatment meant for enhancing your appearance. Now you can get the medical microneedling as the revolutionary skin rejuvenation at Revive Health and Wellness in Casa Grande.

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With the help of a microneedling facial, the overall appearance of your skin will turn smooth and healthy, and large pores will also get minimized. At the same time, a mixture of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin to improve hydration and heal the skin properly. It is used on the face to target issues like:


In other areas of the body, microneedling is sometimes used to treat stretch marks, scars, acne scarring, and loose skin. For example, one study found that it proved to be effective for treating stretch marks around thighs and abdominal areas when given in combination with fillers.


A cosmetic procedure that is used to treat skin concerns through collagen production is known as Microneedling Facial. Small punctures will be producing more collagen and elastin to heal your skin and make you look younger. For those looking to reduce the presence of acne scars and stretch marks, microneedling may prove to be beneficial. Some people also regard microneedling as collagen induction therapy. Collagen production and cell turnover are stimulated with the help of fine medical-grade needles, especially when they reach the dermis. Those punctures trigger the body to heal naturally and fill in the micro-wounds with new collagen and elastin. In addition, as new capillaries form, there is a significant improvement in the blood supply. To achieve the desired results, one needs to complete a series of microneedling treatments within a designated time frame. Multiple microneedling sessions will also activate the body’s repair process. After this, one also needs maintenance treatments to maintain collagen and elastin levels on the one hand and to repair new imperfections on the other hand.


The Revive Health and Wellness Medical Microneedling makes use of a revolutionary combination of 12 sterile, single-use surgical grade needle tips, which move at high speeds for greater efficiency, safety, and comfort. It goes with every skin type. Owing to the variable pen position, you can also get the procedure customized and ensure that each patient receives the rejuvenation to get the desired results. The microneedling device is gently moved across the treatment area and the 12 sterile needle tips puncture the skin, creating micro-channels deep into the dermal layer where the collagen and elastin are situated. The micro-channels help increases topical infusions and encourages the body’s natural healing process by boosting collagen production by gentle, automated, and reciprocating vibrations.

Microneedling facial turns your skin slightly thick to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sunspots, scars, and melasma. You need to take care of before and after your treatment to avoid sun exposure and retinoids for some time.

Microneedling can offer more profound skin rejuvenation with the addition of stem cells and hyaluronic acid into the treatment for individuals with more severe sun damage. The microneedling device creates the microscopic channels, which enable the naturally derived substances to go deep into the inner layers of the skin to jump-start the body’s healing process.
Stem cells – There are powerful growth factors present in the plasma of your blood in which stem cells are found. Once they get activated and infused into the skin, they stimulate the formation of soft tissue and this, in turn, helps your body grow new skin faster, offering long skin rejuvenation.

Hyaluronic acid – Hyaluronic acid enables the skin to retain water and stay hydrated for a smooth and plump appearance. Before the microneedling procedure, a topical HA-based gel is gently applied to the skin. Due to this, the microneedling device delivers the gel deep into the skin as needles penetrate the dermis.


People wonder about the benefits of microneedling and why they should form part of our skincare regimen. Well, the reason is simple: as you age, the collagen and elastin levels in your body can drop down, giving your skin a plump and healthy appearance, for which collagen and elastin are necessary.

If not treated at the appropriate time, your skin might look saggy, wrinkled, or thin. These issues will turn worse by the sun as it can leave behind the sunspots known as lentigines. All these are age-related changes and can slow down the cell turnover, which in turn can make your skin look dull, uneven, or dry. But you can reverse the process with the help of microneedling. Microneedling will give all these benefits to you in less than an hour.

  • Treats scars
  • Cures fine lines and wrinkles
  • Heals sun damage
  • Decreases pore size
  • Improves the results of topical products
  • Fights stretch marks
  • Reduction in rosacea
  • Improvement in acne and acne scars
  • Reduces dark spots like melasma
  • Fewer side effects than laser or intensive peels


Our clinic uses a combination of the Vampire Facial/Facelift system as well as the AnteAge system, which can correct issues such as over-pigmentation, wrinkles, scars, and large pores. The process increases collagen production and helps the skin to rejuvenate itself. The procedure involves a micro-needling device passing over the skin creating tiny holes in the surface of the skin. The treated area is then coated with wither PRP or a stem cell serum. The results can be dramatic, and some patients have noticed a significant improvement in just three sessions.